Size Guide

This chart states equivalent sizes by country to guide/help you in finding the best size. Please note Salon Septième uses generous French sizing, however each style is unique and the size can be slightly altered by the drape and weight of different fabrics.

Our Salon's Size Guides for Knitwear and Woven

If you already own a Salon Septième item, we advise you to choose the size indicated on the label. We are used to doing fittings on all sorts of body types, and are happy to advise you on any sizing questions, for particular styles - please do not hesitate to email us with any style questions.

Body Measurements Guide


The following chart gathers the main body measurements used by Salon Septième. To find the size that fits you the best, we advise you to compare these measurement with your own.

If you have any trouble choosing your size, please do not hesitate in sending your questions to
Measurements from Cm and Inches to Size


To be sure to have the best measurements results, please have someone help you in taking these measurements.

When taking the measurements make sure to place your measuring tape straight.

A. Height

Your total height in cm


B. Upper bust girth

Measured Approximately 10cm above your bust line, by placing the tape measure under your arms.


C. Bust girth

Your chest width, this is the widest point on the torso.


D. Waist girth

It is situated at the narrowest point of your body.


E. High hip girth

Situated approximately 10cm below you waist line. Take this measurement on the pelvis.


F. Hip girth

Situated approximately 20cm below your waist line. Take this measurement at the widest part of your body.


G. Thigh girth

Measured at the widest point of you thigh. You have to take this measurement while standing up.


H. Arm length

Take this measurement from the base of your neck to the top of your shoulder all the way down to your wrist.


I. Arm girth

Take this measurement at the the widest part of your bicep with your arm down.



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