Our design philosophy is at the core of everything we do. Discover our 7 pillars below.


Salon Septieme is influenced by Lifestyle Parisienne - the inimitable sense of mystique about how French women dress, that is neither too conservative, nor too fashion forward, and is revered by women around the world.


Having moved to Paris, Salon Septieme founder Nancy started to observe the subtleties of a French womans wardrobe, with its studied nonchalance, polish and quality, and an ability to respect and understand one’s body, and what would flatter that, to create a natural yet chic feel.

Cashmere Knit Robe in Figue


The concept of designing for a real womans wardrobe, based on an international lifestyle with a French touch, is key to Salon Septieme. Too many women end up with complex wardrobes filled with pieces that don’t go together, or last.


Salon Septième takes an alternative approach from trend led luxury brands, to create a unique customer focussed wardrobing experience, that emphasises versatility through design, both for different body types, different occasions, and different times in life. This allows you to create your own style and a lasting wardrobe with our pieces, which seamlessly mix and match with each other, and integrate with your existing pieces.

Sketch of Woman Measuring Her Waist


Salon Septième developed a seasonless collection that flatters a range of different body types. Whether you are curvy or androgynous, Salon Septieme has enough flexibility in the designs to work well with your body shape (and its changes!) with versatile styling options inherent in every piece. Everything from the lengths of pullovers and jackets, to our signature drape from front to back, have been conceived to compliment.

Cashmere Knit Robe in Sky Blue


Salon Septieme design pieces that have the versatility to be styled and worn in different ways, to fit into the different aspects of your life and wardrobing needs - whatever your age, helping you to discover, carry and evolve your sense of style, based on your unique lifestyle.
Our lasting, year round collection is designed to be dressed up or down depending on your desires - from board meetings to walking your dog, we wanted to make wardrobing easy for all women, wherever in the world you are!
Color Pattern Swatches of Hues and Tones on a Table


All too often, timeless styles are developed in black or white, or a seasonal trend colour that appears irrelevant the next season. Salon Septieme not only has a range of perfect black basics and classic colours, but has developed a huge range of flattering, and equally wearable alternatives to black and white, with complimentary hues and tones that work with your skin tone, as well as in your wardrobe.
Once you find the perfect fit with us, you’ll be able to easily re-order the same style in a wide range of shades!
Blush Silk Satin Fabric Movement


Salon Septieme founder Nancy was driven to re-discover quality fabrics, and spent two years investigating the finest producers and raw materials. Garments are designed for longevity, with no need to over design as the quality of the fabric leads the design process itself.
We use the finest fabrics available, and don’t change fabrics unless they stop being available, so if you find a style that you love, rest assured that you will be able to re-order it in different colour ways in the same fabrics each season!
Blue Cotton Fabric on Cuffs of our Classic Shirt


Bringing tradition into the future, and maintaining historical craft techniques and the talent of skilled artisans, is in the DNA of Salon Septième, which exclusively uses heritage ateliers and manufacturers in France and Italy. With sustainability in mind, pieces are designed and created to last, both in style and manufacture, using the highest quality on the market. Attention to detail and the quality and consistency of fit, is integral to the brand philosophy, creating garments that are as beautiful on the inside as out.
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