Salon Septieme prides itself in working with historic mills and heritage family businesses in Europe, to ensure unrivalled quality.

Our own standards of excellence means that not only does Salon Septième find the finest yarns and fabrics, but that the meticulous, specialised treatment of fibres before manufacturing, combined with the execution, technology and innovation of production are combined to achieves exceptional results.

Collection of available silk, cotton and woven fabrics

Longevity and consistency takes centre stage at Salon Septième. Unless a fabric stops being available, we won’t change it, so that you can rest assured that when you reorder a favourite style in a different colour way, year in year out, the quality will remain the same.


We work with seven core fabrics that are chosen for the suitability of drape, texture and flow, as each is integral to the design process:

Cotton, Silk, Cashmere, Tweed, Wool, Lace and Structured Knits

Turquoise fabrics in silk, knit and cotton


Our French silk manufacturer dates back to 1882, whilst our Italian silk producer has worked with the Como silk tradition since 1940! These family companies with a rich heritage, are passionate and committed to maintaining savoir faire and transparency of production, together with in depth research, to ensure the highest quality.


At Salon Septieme Paris one can choose a variety of special silks, from our loungewear silk - a sumptuous double faced silk satin, that has a substantial drape, so that garments hang perfectly, to our crisp, semi-structured organza, and colourful silk cady.

Brown tones of silk, cotton and woven fabrics


Cashmere is one of our most important fabrics and most of our woven cashmere comes from the mills of Loro Piana, which began in the 19th century. Today, 4 generations later, they are still known for the production wool, cashmere and other luxury fabrics that we believe to be some of the best in the world.


Salon Septieme uses different weights of cashmere depending on the garment - with everything from a very soft and lightweight cashmere that we use for our shirts, due to the perfect drape and wearability, to a double faced cashmere that is ideal for softly structured styles such as our coats.

White Cotton Fabrics


Not all cotton is equal, we use two types of superior cotton fabrics for our shirts, both from the same supplier. One cotton is from Egypt, cultivated in the fertile region of the Nile delta and the other from cotton grown mainly in California with the identifying characteristics being the absence of pollution of the fibers. Our cottons are soft and silky and do not degrade over time. Through proper washing, the softness increases and the freshness of the material maintains its original brightness.

Fabrics close up of Knit


We work with a heritage family company, which has strong values of culture, community and quality, that resonate with Salon Septieme Paris. Our Italian supplier hand selects the yarns that are woven into some of the finest fabrics in the world, and works with unique breeds, that ensures the best raw materials are used.


Likewise, at Salon Septieme we chose Escorial wool originating from the royal Spanish flocks of El Escorial. Today the sheep live in small quantities in Australia and New Zealand, resulting in an airy and fluid fabric that feels soft to the touch and does not easily wrinkle as it is of such high quality.

Tweed Golden and Brown fabric


Salon Septième Paris works with a famous French embroiderer and weaver who has worked with Haute Couture and Ready to wear houses since 1924, and a renowned British tweed supplier who has been making intricate tweeds for luxury fashion houses for over a hundred years!  Our tweed is made from a combination of wool and yarns twisted together in Britain and France, to ensure a unique and innovative combination of weights and styles for every occasion.

Lace Fabrics in Black, Brown and Light Blue


Salon Septieme Paris uses two types of exquisite French lace, the lighter Chantilly Lace, and a heavier weight Guipure lace.


We work with a producer who uses English looms that were smuggled into France under Napoleon, and have been carefully restored.


Today, this lace is expertly woven on looms which have been used for over 100 years, using traditional techniques by exceptional artisans. We love the contradiction that the heavy metal looms, which weigh over 10 tonnes, produce the finest lace in the world!

Tones and Hues of Lace Fabrics


Sophisticated knit styling is a tradition amongst luxury French fashion houses, looking to create structured designs that are flattering to a variety of body types, whilst retaining comfort in construction.


France was an early innovator of using knits at the start of the twentieth century, and consistent with the Parisian wardrobe and this tradition of creative knitting, we use one of the finest creative knit fabricators in France to create what we call structured knit.


Working in this spirit, Salon Septième uses a special blend of synthetic yarns to ensure proper body and fit in the softly structured knit designs, which includes jackets, dresses and pants, and the occasional dash of twinkle. The viscose and polyamide yarns can also be used to create intricate jacquard patterns in the designs, and the finished garments work perfectly with our full Salon Septieme collection.

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