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Salon Lace

Salon Lace

A distinctive lace consisting of embroidered motifs, held together by large connecting stitches, and made on traditional looms. This exquisite textured lace is the perfect definition of sensuality and French savoir faire. All of our lace is from the finest suppliers in France as we celebrate the traditions of French lace makers.

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#color_White Lace#color_White Lace
Pant N°10SALON LACE Sale price1,450.00 €

8 colors available

Dress N°8Dress N°8
Dress N°8CHANTILLY LACE Sale price1,600.00 €

1 color available

Dress N°9CHANTILLY LACE Sale price1,800.00 €

1 color available

Shirt N°49SALON LACE Sale price1,200.00 €

2 colors available

Coat N°3 LaceSALON LACE Sale price1,800.00 €

2 colors available

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