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In a private courtyard, built at the time of Napoleon III, is our Maison de création. Here you will find our creative atelier, the heart of our inspiration and design process. We are delighted to share our passions with you.

Iconic Courtyard at Salon Septième Paris
Quartz Ball on the Fireplace Aesthetic
Violet Flower on a Vase Aesthetic


Your private salon appointment will be accompanied by a personal Dame d’Atours, who will listen to your unique needs and help select the perfect styles for you, based on your current wardrobe and lifestyle.

After your appointment, you will be gifted a private lookbook of photographs from your appointment. Your individual Dame d`Atours will be available to answer any questions.


Salon Doors with Golden Handles
Salon Septième Paris Stationary
Hardwood Floors at the Salon


For a brief introductory tour of Salon Septième Paris, please request a visit to our private Salon and Maison de création, available Monday-Friday from 10 am to 5pm, by calling or sending us an email. We try to accommodate every tour request, but 24 hour notice is appreciated.

To shop the collection, we are by appointment only. A 300 Euro styling fee is required to guarantee your appointment, which will be credited towards your purchase at Salon Septième Paris.

During your appointment, you will have a personal Dame d’Atours who will help you discover the entire collection of 200 designs in four colorways, based on your current wardrobe and lifestyle. Our average appointment lasts two hours.

To visit le Salon, please contact us directly at +33 01 45 33 32 08 or

Black and White Rendition of Salon Doors
Parisian Stockman Manequin
Salon Septième Tag on Golden Tray


We encourage everyone to visit Le Salon to be introduced to the collection in person. In addition, we offer a curated selection of clothing available on our website in La Boutique.