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Salon Cashmere Knits

Salon Cashmere Knits

Introducing 100% Cashmere knitwear. 

Meticulously sourced from renowned Italian suppliers, expertly crafted by three generations of dedicated spinning. 

The Salon Cashmere boasts of exceptional thermoregulatory qualities, adapting effortlessly to fluctuating temperatures.

Thus ensuring unparalleled quality, refinement and comfort.

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#color_frost blue#color_frost blue
Pullover N°69100% CASHMERE Sale price650.00 €

6 colors available

#color_scarlet red#color_scarlet red
Pullover N°52SUPER DREAM CASHMERE Sale price450.00 €

4 colors available

#color_heather light grey#color_heather light grey
Pullover N°51SUPER DREAM CASHMERE Sale price450.00 €

3 colors available

#color_powder blue#color_powder blue
Knit Top N°11SUPER DREAM CASHMERE Sale price400.00 €

4 colors available

Knit Top N°12SUPER DREAM CASHMERE Sale price400.00 €

5 colors available

Pullover N°76100% CASHMERE Sale price650.00 €

4 colors available

#color_midnight blue#color_midnight blue
Pullover N°43Piuma Cashmere Sale price900.00 €

3 colors available

#color_powder pink#color_lavender grey
Shawl N°6100% Cashmere Sale price600.00 €

10 colors available

#color_frost blue#color_frost blue
Pullover N°5Puima Feather Cashmere Sale price1,000.00 €

4 colors available

Pullover N°74Feathery cashmere Sale price1,000.00 €

3 colors available

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